Sell Your House Checklist

SELL YOUR HOUSE: CHECKLIST A complete checklist to help you sell your house for the best price in the least amount of time. Getting Started Now that you have decided to sell your home, you’ll want to look at it differently. It’s not a house for sale and its time to package or stage the

What is Title Insurance?

Title Insurance History and What it Is Have you ever wondered why and how the concept of title insurance ever started? Well, the origin of title insurance is directly traceable to a lawsuit from 1868, where a purchaser suffered financial damages because his title was not clear when he bought his property. Transferring a title

Top Houston Fall Festivals 2018

Top Houston Fall Festivals 2018 The crisp air is rolling in, well not quite yet here in Houston but fall is here. Everything is flavored with pumpkin spice, so why not visit some pumpkin patches? The Houston and surrounding areas have a wide range of expensive family fun. I’ve compiled a list of the best

Get the Scoop for 2018 Houston Restaurant Weeks

Foodie lovers rejoice as Houston Restaurant Weeks is back with an array of delicious menus with price-fix menus, brunch at $20, Lunch $20 and Dinner ranging from $35-$45. This year 23 restaurants have been added to the list. Last year alone they raised over 2.4 million for the Houston Food Bank. Restaurant Weeks was started